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about us

We are Otto Meyer & Co GmbH....

...are for over 99 years supply partner for many branches of industry, specifically those of shipping, harbour operators and trading companies.

As a result of this we are used to rendering quick and reliable service and help with solving our customers problems. This includes repair, grinding, spare parts service, procurement and specialised design planning up to storage and C-part management.

As we have over 28000 different articles on hand in our stores, ( at present 41883 are being offered online ), and possess an extremely good network of distribtors, we are able with our experienced team to deliver, in most cases quickly and efficiently.

Tools, chemical and technical articles, personal safety and factory equipment are only a small proportion of what we can offer. We have one one of the largest stocks of screws and bolts in the southern part of Hamburg. M2 upto M52 in all different standards of quality, and special materials plus inch sizes are permantly carried for example, as well as pipes, fittings, seals, connectors and hosing in all current dimensions.

As long standing suppliers to the boat and shipbuilding industry we also deliver fittings in metal and stainless steel. Last but not least locking technology not to forget a large range of container locks and installations.

We sincerely hope that with this information to have aroused your interest concerning Otto Meyer & Co. Our team of trained employees are at your service in case of any further questions.

Best regards from

Susanna Fiebig
Managing Director